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A Day of Thanks in Roseville 2014

To most people, a day of thanks involves having those that you care about near you. It involves gathering family and friends over for some good times. Usually a turkey is cooked. Sometimes it is ham. Sometimes it is goose (well, not normally in the USA).

I can remember back when I was young. My mother had a recipe for stuffing that involved that we grind up celery. I do not know if you have ever tried it. It produces so much water that it took almost a whole role of paper towels to mop up the mess that we children made. Still, the stuffing was good. The turkey was good. But, perhaps most of all, just being around the family was the best time.

To our clients, for lack of a better word in the modern business sense, life is different. They were concerned where they might even find a turkey dinner, let alone have family over. I spoke with one of them. He said that he had a little bit of family, but they were no where near him. They were across the country.

I suppose that he has friends. Yet, he traveled alone. There was not a large gathering around him. For him, like many people during the holidays, this is the loneliest; time of the year. This is where depression sets into the psyche. It is not in April. It is not in August. It is not in September. It starts with the end of November and goes through the first part of the new year.

Still, I must remember that we are all here to help. We are all here to at the very least offer some comfort, some form of companionship. The food is good. It helps the body. Conversation, and just making a human connection, helps the soul.

These are a few photos of the people around service area in Roseville on this day, this day of thanks; a day that we call Thanksgiving.

Tony Scott works the back of the van with the food

Margo Ezell and Tino work the side providing the cups, cereal, and other items

This is “ten foot” Tom. He and his two dogs have a total of 10 feet among them. He brought the donuts.

Clyde prefers solitude

Finally, after an hour of serving people, Tony Scott takes a well deserved break. Here is to Tony! He is only one of our unsung heroes of the day. There are too many to mention specifically. Today God was smiling down upon the Earth. He smiled at all those who helped others feel better about themselves and continue to offer assistance to their fellow humans where we could do so. My God bless all.