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What Would You Do With $100?

What would you do if a total stranger walked up to you and gave you $100? What if you happened to be outside holding a sign saying that you need money for food?

I don’t know about you. I would probably find (1) it was un-believable that someone would give me that much money and (2) I would not know what to do with the funds. I suppose that I would buy myself a meal someplace and try to make the funds last as long as possible.

If you wonder about it yourself, then perhaps here is something that you may wish to see for yourself. I do not know how long the video will remain on youtube, but it is something that is worth seeing. There are still kind people in this world.

The link to the video is here.

Many thanks for the $100; and the time to reflect on “Just what would you do?”

Monday in Roseville

Here are a few photographs that were taken of the people servicing the homeless residents in Roseville at the Abundant Life Fellowship church. They are all part of a team who give of themselves in a selfless manner to help others in need.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Rebecca & John Leveike with Renae & Marty
Brian & Rebecca with Margo & Jack
Katie & Megan

Thanks for the gifts, Anonymous.

Sometimes, gifts are just left by the wayside of our van. We found these caps and scarfs in our service van, giver unknown, source unknown, colors various, sizes variable, material mainly wool. They obviously come from some anonymous benefactor.

Considering that the average temperature at night in this area, even in the low foothills, is around 40 degrees F and below, the caps are of great use. They have been all distributed to those who can best appreciate the gifts.


Thanks for the gifts

Thanks for the gifts

We are again in the papers

We have made the headlines in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. The story, in case you don’t subscribe to the local paper, may be obtained by the following link.

The story is related to the previous posting about the Roseville operation starting again on Sundays. I am sure that it will draw some attention with hopefully a full and acceptable solution to all parties involved.

In addition, a local radio station has picked up on the news story. Their take is at the web page below.

I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right

Today there was a service in Roseville. Today, like the week before, it was held in the park. Today, like the week before, we had a few people show up for service. I believe that the total count was about 10. This was a very light day for most. There was a time when I remember that Sunday had about 60 people show up. However, that was before we were “asked” to leave.

It does not take religion. We are not specifically a religious organization. We, for the most part, do not carry bibles and quote scripture. We are just seeking to aid and comfort people. It is simple, basic charity and human compassion that drives all of the volunteers. It is not greed. It is not notoriety. It is not preaching to anyone, other than to say “welcome” and perhaps “have a cup of coffee.” It is the sense of compassion and care. It is the same reason that many people choose a career of service in the police, military, fire-fighting and medicine; or any other service related organization. It is to help their fellow man.

Today, a reporter from the Sacramento Bee newspaper showed up along with a photographer. The photographer was strapped down with two, count them two, beautiful Nikon D4 cameras. Each had a different lens. The reporter came only with a notepad and a pen. The reporter spent most of his time talking to the homeless people who did show up for a meal, a cup of coffee, and a bit of conversation.

I hope that the reporter will write something about us in the paper. It is widely attributed to P.T. Barnum the quote “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” Perhaps he felt that any mention of his name was publicity and publicity attracted the crowd to him.

So, in closing, I do hope that the Sacramento Bee spells our name correctly. It is not that we need the publicity. We run on a very tight budget with as little costs as possible. What funds that we do receive we distribute in food to those less fortunate than most. We are a small organization of people who share a common purpose; to help their fellow man.

I wish that it was shared by more people.

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve. It is the day before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, some may argue that we don’t really know when He was born. We don’t even know the year, let alone the specific day. It does not matter when he was born. (To be honest, the Catholic Church decided that December 25th was the day in the fourth century. They usurped the Roman pagan holiday of “Saturnalia”.) We celebrate His birth; that’s all that matters.

It was Tony’s turn to drive the van this day. He arrived shortly after 8 A.M. and brought a helping hand. Together the two of them worked the back of the van, handing out lunch items to the large crowd that arrived today. Today was a busy day. This was Wednesday. Wednesday, the people from the Life Community Church arrive to serve breakfast items. They had yogurt, fruit, and other cosmetic items along with some warm clothing.

I spent the morning talking to the people, along with gathering a few signatures for our daily ledger. Most were very pleasant when I asked them “Well, so, what are your plans for tomorrow? How do you plan to spend Christmas?” It was my intention to write a short blurb about the Christmas time and this is it.

Let me see; the responses from the people that I talked to, and those were but a small sample of the almost 60 people that showed up today, were basically as follows:

Clyde told me that he plans to read the newspaper tomorrow. He is deeply interested in the computer security issues and is concerned about internet security. He actually told me about his impressions of how the internet transmitted data and how insecure the internet transmissions were. He prefers to buy by old fashioned mail order, not use the internet but to send postal money orders. So, tomorrow is “paper” day for Clyde. He wants his news the old fashioned way too, by a newspaper.

Tino mentioned that he was going to spend time with his grandchildren. He was going to play with them. That is a general aspiration that most people have; to spend time with family on Christmas. Still, he is coming to help out with the van service tomorrow, Christmas.

Kern said that what he was doing is a “secret” and did not wish to share.

ScottE was going to the Methodist church for their Christmas meal. He was going to pass out toys to the 7 to 12 year old kids from 11am to 1pm. While he was not going to dress up in a red suit, it was still a good feeling and he has done it for the past few years.

Donny said that he had purchased a toy car for his grand-daughter. It was remote controlled and he was going to let her ride in it while he controlled the car from afar. It was going to be great fun watching her turn the wheel and the car to behave under his control.

Rick came dressed in a brand new jacket. He obtained it from a second hand store where he bartered the price down to $0.00. It fit well, looked good, and should be warm enough even for this cold weather that is typical in our area at the end of December.

Nick, who arrives late because he is serve breakfast where he lives, stated that it was going to be the same as the last three weeks, no different between Christmas and every other day of the year.

Lest we remember that Christ was born poor. He was born in a mangier; not in a mansion; not in a palace. He was wrapped in plain cloth, not spun with gold. The people who found him first were shepherds. Shepherds were the poorest people in that society. They were the homeless. They were the wanderers. Yet, they were the fist to recognize Him. They were the first to appreciate Him. Let us appreciate the poor at this time of the year. Let us celebrate the birth of Christ; even if if Christ was not born in December.

Merry Christmas.

Roseville service to resume on Sunday

The board of directors has decided to resume service on Sundays at Saugstad Park in Roseville. Service will be starting on 21 December 2014 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and continuing as long as possible on a weekly Sunday basis.

This is in addition to the normal service that is offered Monday through Friday at the Abundant Life Church.

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