About Us

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How can I help?

What Would Jesus Do? Inc. is a mobile ministry staffed exclusively with volunteers. We provide breakfast and an additional meal each day to the homeless. Those served may include those who have slept on the streets and/or those who could not afford to buy food for themselves or their children. What Would Jesus Do? also provides referrals and transportation to medical appointments, the Employment Development Department, and veteran’s agencies? A volunteer physician offers free medical care to the homeless one morning a week at St. Vincent de Paul 9 AM to 11 AM on Wednesdays.

WWJD has been in existence since 1992. We now feed an average of 30,000 people each year in South Placer County, centered in Roseville, CA. We serve our clients a warm breakfast and provide food for another meal for the day. We provide emergency shelter and free clothing when required.

WWJD has expanded into Central Placer County and is providing the same service, feeding approximately 7500 people annually in Auburn, Colfax, and Foresthill, from our mobile van centered in Auburn, CA.

More Services

WWJD provides blankets, tarps, sleeping bags, toiletries, laundry soap, dog food, and other sundries for our clients. We also provide assistance in obtaining authorized medical services. We can provide private transportation to emergency services in Roseville.

Who we serve

WWJD offers food and other services to people in Roseville who have found themselves without a home, or are in great need.

serving the homeless in roseville

Meet “Destiny”. This is his first day being served by WWJD. He is grateful to have food. While I was speaking with Destiny, another man excitedly held up the sleeping bag he received that day from WWJD.

Social Services

WWJD volunteers care for the social needs of those we serve. Some examples of services our volunteers provide to the homeless and underprivileged include:

  • Referrals to other homeless services
  • SSI assistance
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Employment Development Department
  • Veteran’s agencies
  • Disability services
  • Transportation

What We Don’t Provide

There seems to be some confusion with some people about our services. We have listed what we do offer and provide. However, a few examples of what we do not provide are:

  • Home Delivery. We do not deliver food to your home. You must come to us to obtain the food. The Salvation Army provides some home delivery to seniors and those homebound. You will have to contact them directly.
  • Money. We do not give out money.
  • Shelter. We do not house people. There are other organizations such as Homestart or the Gathering Inn that provide these services.
  • Transportation. Please call 911 for emergency medical services. While we can help with transporting you to medical or social security appointments, we do not provide general transport. We can recommend the city’s municipal bus service. You will need to contact them for a schedule.
  • Non-emergency medical care. We do not have physicians. We can refer you to St. Vincent de Paul who has access to free clinics.
  • Hospice or child care. We do not provide these services.
  • Pet Services. We are not veterinaries and at the present time do not have items for animals other than occasionally having dog and cat food when we can find some.
  • Telephones, computers, cameras, watches, etc. We do not provide these items. You may qualify for Universal Lifeline Assistance for a free cell phone. We recommend the public library for computer access.
  • And the big “catch all”. We do not provide goods or services that are not listed above as what we provide.