A Day At The Park

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Today is December 21st, 2015. In four days, it will be Christmas. Most people are looking for their gifts at the last minute. Some people are looking for even more basic items such as food that we take for granted. They are not looking for the next gadget “iPhone”. They are looking for a meal. Just a simple meal.

Today, the van returned to Saugstad park in Roseville. We were previously forced out of the park by the city of Roseville. Today, we returned. Today we are here to offer the people who are so far down in the poverty level as to be considered “the harsh poor” a simple item. A simple meal.

Today is the first day back. Today is the day that we hope that the city won’t turn a blind eye to its residents; the same people that they swore to serve when they were entrusted with their jobs.

Being the first day, there was not the general crowd of people that were serviced by us in the past at the park. Perhaps that will change in the future once the word has spread. Still, there were approximately 20 people who showed up and were grateful to the food, the atmosphere, and, yes, perhaps the weather. It was not raining today. Maybe God opened up the heavens in celebration and, like Moses and the red sea, rolled back the waters.

Or, maybe we were just lucky to have chosen today and it did not rain. Only God knows.

It was 8am when the van arrived. We were there from 8am to 9am, precisely on schedule; precisely on time. Today it was Tony’s turn to wake up at 5am and get up to travel to Roseville so that he can make the coffee. Today, I slept in until 7am. We needed to pick up some donuts; fresh ones from the bakery; and make it over to the park by 8am.

Even Mike Troy showed up at the park today. He was there to represent the board of directors should unforeseen events occur. None did. So, it just left him time to enjoy the day and the company around him.

Even Jessie, Jeff’s dog, had fun. He could chase the birds, but the birds simply left him down below. Still, he came back happy that he had done his bit. He earned his snack.

Today is ScottE’s birthday. He spells his name with an “E” to distinguish it from the other “Scott”. He arrived for some food and company and plans to attend Denny’s later today for his birthday meal. As a small token, we gave him the remainder of the donuts. That was all.

It is now 9am and time to go. The tables are folded back up, the area policed, the litter tossed, and everything is returned to the van.

Like the good visitors that we are, we took only pictures and left only footprints today. The pictures are here to share.

(For captions, hold the mouse over the photo.)

One comment

  • Jerry Bablyon

    What a great beginning. Our prayers our with you as you dare to go where Jesus went to reach the untouchables. You are following in His footsteps and that’s not a bad path to be on. I don’t think the numbers served is really the issue although we would like to serve more. The real issue is that we were there serving whoever came. The homeless saw what we would do to serve them. Now it will be up to them to decide whether they want to follow our lead. It doesn’t seem to me that this is markedly different from Jesus’ ministry. He gathered a lot of people who followed in good times and when it was easy, but as soon as it got difficult they melted away. If this is God’s ministry, just remain faithful and God will bless it. Saw a plaque the other day that I think sums it up pretty well. Jesus speaking in regards to following Him, “I never promised you it would be easy, just that it would be worth it!” Just know what you are doing is worth it!
    Your brother in Christ,